All members must respect and comply with the following rules for the best coexistence and safety within the gym:

  • Before using exercise machines, members should advise on their use with the gym instructors available. Gold’s Gym is not responsible for physical damage suffered or caused by bad practice in the use of this exercise machines.
  • For the use of lockers, each member must bring his own lock to secure his belongings and has to vacate the locker after using it. Gold’s Gym is not responsible for the loss or deterioration of the belongings stored in the lockers.
  • The use of towels is indispensable. For better hygiene, each member must clean the equipment after used.
  • There are individual rules for the correct use of the areas of weights, nursery, spinning, aerobic salons and sauna, published in each of these mentioned areas.
  • No misconduct, willful destruction or damage to the property of Gold’s Gym or any other person is permitted.
  • Smoking is not permitted in the gym facilities.
  • No firearms or any dangerous objects are allowed inside the gym facilities.
  • The sale and commercialization of all kinds of products within the gym facilities, especially supplements and exercise clothes, is prohibited.
  • To practice the following exercises you need the assistance of a gym instructor, so the Gold’s Gym will not be liable for damages suffered or caused as a result of the violation of this rule: Boxing, TRX, FCS or Pilates.
  • It is essential to wear clothes suitable for training and exercise. No non-sports shoes, shirts, or being shirtless are allowed.
  • It is always the duty of each member to maintain good personal hygiene.
  • For the use of the sauna you must use a towel or swimsuit.
  • Racist, sexual or gender-based comments are not allowed, as well as, sexual harassment, swearing or other ill-considered actions.
  • Food is not allowed in the exercise areas of the gym.
  • No gratuities, tips or loans are allowed for gym staff.
  • No possession, sale or consumption of alcoholic beverages and/or illegal drugs, or being under the influence of this substances, is permitted within the Gold’s Gym facilities.
  • No personal trainers are allowed outside the gym staff.
  • Aerobics, spinning or other special programs lounges, are strictly for the use of participants during classes.

The failure or violation of the above rules, may result at the discretion of the Gold’s Gym staff, in the cancellation of your membership.